Lost Time means a few things to me:

  • This website is my cachet and portfolio of film and video work in narrative, documentary, music video, and experimental pieces.
  • We're all losing time with everything we do. I'm hoping I can use this website to make losing my time feel exhilarating by making things I care about, rather than feeling humdrum, doing things that matter little.
  • 'Lost Time' is a feeling that I have when watching a great movie. There is something out-of-time about sitting down in a dark room and watching light play on a screen.
  • There is a  similar phenomenon with the same name, that is prevalent in extraterrestrial abduction literature, which you can see evidenced in some of my favorite episode of The X-Files.

If you're interested in doing some work together, want to discuss my rates, or have a project you're really excited about but aren't sure who to talk to about getting it started, fill out this form and we can start talking about it.

Or, if you just want to say 'Hi,' feel free to send me a direct e-mail: alexlukens@gmail.com.


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